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Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage – an invaluable element of Freighting

Customs Brokerage is essentially “clearing” goods through import and export customs barriers.  It involves: calculating the payment of taxes, duties and excises, the preparation of documents, and often translating between government authorities and the importers and exporters.

Why do you need it?

Every single day the amount of goods and materials that cross international borders is immense.

Different countries require different information in clearing these goods through customs – something that can be underestimated at times.

We undertake this responsibility on your behalf as we understand the different customs rules, regulations and laws regarding goods entering or leaving countries.

These rules are constantly changing and it would be near impossible for our customers to keep up to date with them.  This is our responsibility as your freight forwarder which allows you to concentrate on more important matters – your business.

One of the biggest cause of delay in freighting are mistakes in paperwork. We know that customs do not tolerate mistakes, and having an experienced professional on your side is a huge advantage.

Why use Complete Freight?

  • Our size means we can be flexible when assisting our clients and as always, our key focus is on providing our customers with personalised, excellent service.
  • Our experience and up to date knowledge ensures your products have the smoothest transit possible through customs.
  • We can arrange quarantine inspection of your cargo.
  • We can arrange Customs Tariff Consultancy and Customs Tariff Audits (audits to ensure you or your business are paying the correct duties).
  • We can arrange advice and applications for Tariff concessions, valuations, duty drawbacks, customs duty refunds and AQIS import permits.